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From "ytrewq2002@libero.it" <ytrewq2...@libero.it>
Subject help, doubt about invoke-receive
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 08:26:27 GMT
Hi all,

i'm very doubtfull

i have a doubt about the bpel work, anybody can 
help me, thanks. my question is:

 suppose that i write a bpel process (i call 
it 'A' ) that <receive> a client soap request  and <invoke> a webservice. then

it <reply> to client with the result of webservice invoked.
But, about invoke i 
have to write another bpel file (process) with a receive and a reply? 
if it is 
so, call this bpel B. so i suppose that the bpel engine call the webmethod of 
webservice and pass the result in the <reiceve> variable of bpel B
is it 
true/right, it works fine?  so i can manipulate this variable before reply. But 
if i haven't to do nothing with the result but i have only to reply with the 
result returned (the value in the <receive> variable)b is it so neccesary to 
write bpel B??

thank you very much!


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