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From Daniela Butano <Daniela.But...@eng.it>
Subject Example using e4x extension
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:02:47 GMT

   Hello Ode Team,

   after different attempts to design a bpel process using e4x  
extension,(in fact the ode engine seems doesn't call the methods  
defined in the extension), I' ve download from the trunk the sample  
(located in the directory test relative to e4x extension)  
TestE4XDirect, I've modified the process TestE4XDirect.bpel to  
introduce an assign to initialize the output variable "otherMsgVar",  
I've deployed the process in ode2.0 beta2.

   When the process runs, it seems that the engine doesn't execute the code:

                myVar.TestPart += ' World';
                otherMsgVar = myVar;

   In fact, the output variable otherMsgVar doesn't contains the input  
value concatened with the string 'World' but contains the value  
assigned at the initialization.

   Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced


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