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From "ytrewq2002@libero.it" <ytrewq2...@libero.it>
Subject R: problem with XPATH, namespaces in Apache Ode
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2009 13:25:43 GMT


i resolved. it' s ok.. Problem are about the wsdl and xsd files in the ws-
client generated by ode that 
are old..i have to regenerate them (copy it from 
ode wsdl and xsd url link) and now works fine..
i don't know why netbeans 
wsimport doesn't provide wsdl and xsd correct file for bpel engine
but i have 
to modify it by hand after generation process!

>Da: ytrewq2002@libero.it
>Data: 22/09/2009 12.12
>A: <user@ode.
apache.org>, <www-xpath-comments@w3.org>
>Ogg: problem with XPATH, namespaces 
in Apache Ode
>>Hi all,
>>i have a problem with apache ode: i think 
it's a namespace 
>problem and 
>>xpath too.
>>The error give to me from 
apache ode is :
>43,486 DEBUG 
>>[ASSIGN] {OXPath10Expression 
$HelloIn.parameters/myxsd:name}: R-
>>expression "{OXPath10Expression 
$HelloIn.parameters/myxsd:name}" did 
>not select 
>>any nodes.
INFO  [ASSIGN] Assignment Fault: {http:
expression "{OXPath10Expression $HelloIn.
>>parameters/myxsd:name}" did not 
select any nodes.
>>11:32:43,502 DEBUG [SCOPE] 
>>({OScope '__PROCESS_SCOPE:
BpelHello' id=3},TerminationChannel#1,
>>ParentScopeChannel#2): has a fault 
handler for {http://docs.oasis-open.
selectionFailure: {OCatch faultName=null, 
>>i have 
to use namespace yes or not? Namespace appear 
>>so important but have i 
use it for ode? 
>>i don't understand why this 
>>(myxsd work fine, 
the xml schema was elementFormDefault="qualified"):
>>these lines:

>>                <from>

>>                        <ns0:helloResponse>
>>                        </ns0:

>>                </from>

>>                <to variable="Out" part="

>>they works fine with "myxsd":
>>43,221 DEBUG [ASSIGN] 
>Writing variable 'Out' value '<?xml version="1.0" 
>><message><parameters><helloResponse xmlns="http://hello.
>>                            <myxsd:return xmlns:myxsd="http:


>>11:32:43,299 DEBUG [ScopeFrame] 

>>variable: name={Variable __PROCESS_SCOPE:BpelHello.Out:

>>value=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

>><message><parameters><helloResponse xmlns="http://hello.netbureau.it/">

>>                            <myxsd:return xmlns:myxsd="http://hello.
>>sufficient for 
initialize variable Out or i have to do something else (Out 
>>then used 
for a reply but before using it i have to initialize it)??
>>why not 

>>these doesn't work (xpath syntax) using "myxsd:"?:

>>                <to>$Out.

>>                <from>$HelloIn.
>>                <to>$Out.parameters/myxsd:

>>I add an 
>>attachment relative to xsd, wsdl and 
>deploy xml 
files(i use Netbeans 6.5.1).
>>please help me!
>>tahnk you very 


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