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From "Nowakowski, Mateusz" <Mateusz.Nowakow...@sabre-holdings.com>
Subject ODE 1.3.x dependencies
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 10:10:53 GMT
I've written similar mail some time ago, but this one covers the subject
in more detail.

ODE 1.3.x is based on:

1) lib\saxon-9.x.jar
Which version is it exactly? Is it possible to change this dependency to
the most current version? With concrete version number.

2) lib\openjpa-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
This version depends on the time smb builds ODE.
What is more the version is "not blessed"  and it may disqualify ODE for
production purposes. Even if it is not used for some scenarios, it is
hard to explain bosses that ODE is predictable and safe.

Is there any concrete reason why this version is used? (in ODE 1.2 it
was openjpa-1.1.0).

Is it possible to fallback this dependency to openjpa-1.2.1? (most
current "blessed" version)

3) lib\axion-1.0-M3-dev.jar
On Axion page http://axion.tigris.org/releases/1.0M3/release-notes.html
is said that "There is no official 1.0 Milestone 3 release of Axion" and
this version is a development version as well.
So there is a similar risk as for openjpa snapshot version.
So my question is: is it possible to get rid of this dependency somehow?
Is axion used for anything?

Mateusz Nowakowski

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