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From Alex Hepp <he...@web.de>
Subject Generate Database Schema for Ode with MySQL
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2009 07:48:36 GMT
Hi List,

we have just started to evaluate ODE for our needs in an EJB Web Service 
orchestration context. What we are looking for is high performance with 
a large number of active processes (>150.000 at a time). This can not 
really be handled by HSQLDB, so we would like to use an external DB 
(mysql for testing and later oracle).  We were able to configure 
external database (with the help of your online doc AND some external 
resources), but, we would now need the up to date database schema.

Your online documentation says at 3.) "Make sure that MySQL is started 
and the ODE schema has been loaded in a /ode/ database.". Very funny, 
indeed ;)

We found several resources presenting a schema, but most of them are for 
ODE 1.2, which is not compatible to 1.3.2 anymore. I know, that we could 
take the sources, build the whole project with Buildr, and we would also 
get a sql file for DDL schema generation.

The question is: Is this really intended? Should a "normal" Oder User 
really have to download sources and set up a whole building environment 
to be able to use an external database instead of builtin? Is it somehow 
possible to generate / create the schema in a different way?

We also read about using hibernate and setting a special property for 
generation. First problem: We don't seem to get Ode to using hibernate 
(though setting 
and trying ode.persistence = hibernate. Then we tried to stick with 
OpenJPA and using openjpa.jdbc.SynchronizeMappings = buildSchema (we set 
all the properties in ode-axis2.properties). I set the logging to debug, 
and recognized that openjpa.jdbc.synchronizeMapping is always still set 
to false. Are there any property files that override 
ode-axis2.properties values again? I thought it would make sense, to 
read this one last.

I really don't see, how we would be able to have a schema generated 
without setting up a Buildr environment. Perhaps you can give me some 
advice? How would we really enable hibernate instead of openJPA, or how 
would we be able to create the schema with openJPA?

Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards

Alex  Hepp

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