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From Bill McCusker <wmccus...@parasoft.com>
Subject Re: Inline variable initialization in Ode 1.3.2
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 21:44:50 GMT
Hi Jonathan,

    The inline initialization looks fine in regard to the spec. A 
selectionFailure could also come from a problem with the query used in 
the assign. If you just echo the inline initialized variable back to the 
response does the expected structure get returned? If so then the 
problem is the query used in the assign.

Bill McCusker

Jonathan Coogan wrote:
> Hello again.  I have a question about using the inline from-spec for
> variable initialization
> (http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/ODExSITE/WS-BPEL+2.0+Specifi
> cation+Compliance#WS-BPEL2.0SpecificationCompliance-Initialization).
> It's not working for me and I was hoping someone could tell me if I'm
> doing something wrong.  Here is a very simple example in which I try to
> assign data to and from a variable that has an inline initializer.  I
> get a selectionFailure at runtime.

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