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From Bill McCusker <wmccus...@parasoft.com>
Subject EventHandler not processing message events
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 17:23:36 GMT

    I've been trying to get the attached process working in ODE 1.3.2 in 
Servicemix but have run into a problem with EventHandlers. The process 
receives a message which it uses to create a correlation upon replying. 
It then waits for a close message and installs an EventHandler. After I 
send the first message and get the response back I then send the message 
meant for the EventHandler. From the logs and debugging it looks like 
the message gets processed and a job gets scheduled but the scope 
activity for the EventHandler never executes. Any ideas? I've attached a 
trace log of running the process along with a soapUI test and the jbi 
artifact. Thanks.

Bill McCusker

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