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From Surendar <surend...@7strata.com>
Subject Dynamic work flows using ODE
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 11:08:08 GMT

I am developing a project that requires dynamic invocation steps ( flows 
) which will be decided during run time. The main driver BPEL will get 
the list of actions to be done and based on which these actions will be 

I would like to know if we can implement dynamic BPEL invocations and is 
there a way we can support this using ODE.

I am explaining the steps that I require here.

1. The steps to be taken for a particular process ( *BPEL ) *will be 
decided during run time.
2. Each step require a particular web service to be called.
3. Each step can take a different input
4. Each step can be synchronous or async.

These are some of the parameters that will be decided during run time ( 
Eg: can be configured using a DB etc., )


A Process file ( .BPEL )

Gets invoked with a request to process Employee information:

1. Get action list for employee ( returns a list of action objects based 
on the employee ID)
2. For each action step call a service to know about the action object.
3. Based on the return value ( about the action object ) from the service.
4. Perform the action ( Web service call )

Thanks in advance and Regards,

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