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From Andrey Kopachevsky <akopachev...@aidoss.kiev.ua>
Subject SMX4 and Apache ODE compatibility
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 13:31:54 GMT
We want to deploy ODE to SMX 4.
To do this I downloaded SMX4, run it, and place ode-jbi-1.2.jar (which 
is basically jbi component), to SMX_HOME/deploy folder.

In log file I've found following:

java.lang.RuntimeException: TransactionManager is not recoverable.
   at org.apache.ode.il.dbutil.Database.initInternalDb(Database.java:179)
   at org.apache.ode.il.dbutil.Database.initEmbeddedDb(Database.java:232)
   at org.apache.ode.il.dbutil.Database.initDataSource(Database.java:147)
   at org.apache.ode.il.dbutil.Database.start(Database.java:99)
   at org.apache.ode.jbi.OdeLifeCycle.initDataSource(OdeLifeCycle.java:175)
   at org.apache.ode.jbi.OdeLifeCycle.init(OdeLifeCycle.java:113)

So, ODE component want transaction manager, taken from jbi component 
context to be instance of
interface. To check it ODE use instanseof operator.

As I checked from spring-dm description file, placed in 
org.apache.servicemix.transaction bundle:

   <osgi:service ref="transactionManager">


class exported by geronimo-transaction-2.2.jar bundle

The problem is: ODE jbi component classloader can't import 
RecoverableTransactionManager from geronimo-transaction-2.2 bundle, at 
least I don't know how to do this, and of course
"transactionManager instanceof  RecoverableTransactionManager"
will return false.

So, obviously, ODE-JBI not adopted to run in SMX4 OSGI based 
environment. But we are really need to get it runing.

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