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From "Adamczyk, Monika" <monika.adamc...@ll.mit.edu>
Subject How initialize bpel variable which is an array?
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2008 16:15:15 GMT
Can someone tell me or point to an example how initialize in bpel process a
variable that is of mesageType, with the part being an array.
One of my assignment statements needs to copy another variable to the first
position of that array, but because this variable is not initialized, I get
an Xpath exception:
Unmapped Fault : 
No results for expression: {OXPath10Expression

I am fairly confident that the Xpath expression for the assignment is
correct, because another assignment from a variable which is also
messageType with its part being array ( see planInputs below)  to an
individual variable works. The  difference between these two variables is
that planInputs gets initialized automatically because it is an incoming
argument of process wsdl method.

Here are relevant pieces of my bpel process:

    ...      <variable name="planInputs" messageType="plan:SubmitRequests"
/>       <variable name="planOutputs" messageType="plan:SubmitResponses" />
   ...   </variables>
      <assign name="AssignPlanInputSubmitRequestToResourceManager">
<copy>             <from>$planInputs.body/plan:submitRequest[1]</from>
<to variable="SubmitRequest" part="Submit"/>         </copy>      </assign>
<invoke> - invokes external web service which returns SubmitResponse which
has to be copied to planOutputs

      <assign name="AssignSubmitResponseToPlanOutput">         <copy>
<from variable="SubmitResponse" part="SubmitRequestResponse"/>
<to>$planOutputs.body/plan:submitResponse[1]</to>         </copy>



Monika Adamczyk
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street
Lexington MA 02420
(781) 981-3047

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