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From Sandrine Beauche <sandrine.beau...@club-internet.fr>
Subject assign with complex types
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 16:22:43 GMT

I've tried to do an assign from a complex type to another variable, and this
 works when the complex type has one subtype.

But my problem is to do this with a complex type that have several subtype. I
 have in my wsdl this complex type:

<xsd:complexType name="helloType">
        <xsd:element name="hello1" type="xsd:string"/>
	<xsd:element name="hello2" type="xsd:string"/>

and the message:

<wsdl:message name="HelloMessage">
    <wsdl:part name="TestPart" type="nsxsd:helloType"/>

In my BPEL, I have these variable

<variable name="myVar" messageType="test:HelloMessage"/>
<variable name="tmpVar1" type="xsd:string"/>
<variable name="tmpVar2" type="xsd:string"/>

and I want to do these assign:

    <to variable="tmpVar1"/>
    <to variable="tmpVar2"/>

But this does'nt work. I obtain a message fault:

        <faultstring xmlns:axis2ns1="http://docs.oasis
 open.org/wsbpel/2.0/proces /executable"> axis2ns1:selectionFailure
        <detail />

What's wrong in my bpel or wsdl? The complete bpel and wsdl are attached. I
 have also attached a soap message that i send to the process to test it.


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