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From "Σπύρος Αναστασόπουλος" <winwas...@gmail.com>
Subject pick activity and one way operations
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 13:41:48 GMT

I have an issue about the pick activity.
I wrote a process that schematically does the following

            Initialize correlation set A
While true
            First Operation - PickSpade (A)
            Second Operation – PickClub (A)
            Third Operation – PickHeart (A)
            Fourth Operation – PickDiamond (A)

The first three operations are Request-Response and i can call them
without any problems
The last operation however is one-way and when it is called the
process fails with the message

15:17:22,390 ERROR [PICK] org.apache.ode.bpel.common.FaultException: {Selector p
linkInstnace={PartnerLinkInstance partnerLinkDecl=OPartnerLink#53,scopeInstanceI
d=11370496},ckey={CorrelationKey setId=52, values=[One]},opName=pickSpade,oneWay

The opName in the message "pickSpade" is not the name of the one-way operation.
I run the example under intalio-bpms- and under tomcat-6.0/ode 1.2.
I also tested with ActiveBPEL-5.0.2 and worked.

Are there any pending issues with the Pick Activity and one way operations?

I attach the source of the BPEL and the WSDL of the service.

Thanks in advance

Anastasopoulos Spyros
Software developer
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