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From "Jean-Claude Moissinac" <moissi...@enst.fr>
Subject Asynchronous
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 13:47:40 GMT

We need some advise about time consuming services

My simplified scenario is:
a BPEL calls a service which is time consuming

first case: this call is synchronous and I get a timeout on the
request  from the BPEL to the external service
second case: this case is asynchronous, the time consuming service
returns immediately after the begining of the process it is in charge
then if the BPEL is waiting for the end that process, it is the
request to the BPEL itself which fire a timeout, because the BPEL
seems to be nor responding

So, it is not the BPEL which must wait for the external process called
by the BPEL, but the caller of the BPEL
But, how the caller of the BPEL will know how many external services
are called by the BPEL?

Are there good practices or support about such scenario?

Jean-Claude Moissinac
Signal and Image processing - Multimedia Group

E-mail: moissinac@enst.fr
Tel: (+33)
Fax: (+33)


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