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From "Andres P. Ferrando" <and...@pruna.com.ar>
Subject Re: Ode Review
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2008 01:13:29 GMT
>> The main thing missing in project documentation is dates. This dates are
>> really useful to see project's health (how it's growing), and to know
>> when to expect new stuff (for example, cluster support).
> I usually try to put dates in the news section of the main page although it
> seems we haven't for the last 3 events. I've just added dates for the
> releases. As for the roadmap we usually never put dates or estimates there.
> It's highly dependent on who volunteers.

I saw the dates, thanks.
About the roadmap, I understand what you mean. I just think that in
these situations, dates are clearly just indicators. But it be really
useful for people to understand priorities, and have a rough idea about
what's probably coming.

>> I see the project more focused on the core BPEL engine, and not that
>> much in enterprise features (like Human Task support, clustering,
>> security, transactions)
> Not necessarily. Although historically we've tried to do BPEL right before
> implementing enterprise features. But now we have a task manager that's
> taking shape in the sandbox (
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/ode/sandbox/singleshot/), support for
> several security features has been gradually improved (a recent commit added
> WS-Security with Rampart) and I think Karthick is working on transaction
> propagation and atomic scopes (note that we've had transaction support in
> the engine since day 1).

Ok, this are great news. And it's also what I've pointed out. I think
that people watching at the project will be very interested in know
about all this (and again, it's not a commitment, nor a deadline, just
useful info).
When you talk about transaction support you mean using the internal DB,
right? I mean more the kind of transactional interaction with other parties.

>> Is there also any way to organize the roadmap, so it'll be clearer which
>> things are done, and what's next?
> We should work on that.
>> I couldn't find info about release history or release plan.
>> Do you know about any company providing commercial support?
> I know Intalio does. I've heard of a couple of other names but I don't know
> what's their respective status so I'll let them speak for themselves.

Ok. Yes, I've been looking at this project since some time now. There's
also a kind of subproject in there called Tempo that looks very promising.

One more question: have you been looking at the PVM (Process Virtual
As a brief intro, it's the "core" for jBPM, Orchestra, and other process

Thanks a lot!

   Andrés P. Ferrando

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