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From Andrea Zoppello <zoppe...@tiscali.it>
Subject Call Java Code within BPEL Process
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2008 12:38:24 GMT
Hi All,

I'm evaluating BPEL as orchestration language to buil process flow.

I think it's very good and complete specification, but before to proceed 
i really
need to understand if bpel coul be used also with services that are not 
webservices itself.

What i want to achieve is to have a BPEL process to call both 
webservices ( SOAP services ) and generic services ( not SOAP ) for 
example a Java class.

Looking for this type of stuff on the network it seems there are three 
way to do that:

1) Use BPELJ ( but ODE not support this )
2) Use WSIF
3) Use the <extensionActivity> BPEL element.

Am i wrong?? In particular i'm interested to know on how to implement an 
exetension activity within ode, and then let the engine to use it.

Is there any documentation about that, or a very simple example??

Thank you for the attention


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