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From Pavel Trava <travap...@yahoo.com>
Subject eventHandlers and conflictingReceive
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 21:36:31 GMT
I would like to ask you for advice with eventHandlers. I prepared some very simple BPEL project,
which does almost nothing (only waits),
but there is one correlationSet and one eventHandler. Process has 2 operations: process (like
a init) and eventOper. When I call eventOper
(onEvent), the process instance fails with error response:conflictingReceive.

Structure of my process is:
    one partnerLink (my own)
    variables used for receive and reply
    one correlationSet
    <sequence name="main">
        <scope name="waitScope">
           <variables used for eventHandlers...>
                <onEvent operation="eventOper"....>
                   reference to correlation defined above
                    wait activity (for 1 second)
           <bpws:wait name="Wait"><bpws:for><![CDATA['PT20S']]></bpws:for></bpws:wait>

I am sending the following message by sendsoap.bat (to process/eventOper operations):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
    <ns2:SimpleProcessRequest xmlns:ns2="http://test/SimpleProcNS">

When only 'process' operation is called from external client, then everything works OK. Reply
is received immediately and after 20 seconds the status of process changes from ACTIVE to
COMPLETED (checked by "InstanceManagement.listAllInstances" API). But when during this 20
seconds I call the operation 'eventOper', then the process finishes in FAILED state and I

I don't understand the log messages, but it seems there is nothing special in the log-file,
several debug messages and one error message:
13.10.2008 23:05:44 [ERROR] GeronimoLog.error(104) - org.apache.ode.bpel.common.FaultException:
{Selector plinkInstnace={PartnerLinkInstance partnerLinkDecl=OPartnerLink#17,scopeInstanceId=2597},ckey={CorrelationKey
setId=16, values=[user0001]},opName=eventOper,oneWay=no,mexId=<null>,idx=0}

Please, can you help me? Or can you send me some working example with eventHandlers and correlationSets?
I am working on this problem more than 2 days. I use Tomcat 5.5.26 and Apache ODE 1.2. I can
send also the whole project (SimpleProcess.bpel, SimpleProcess.wsdl, SimpleProcessArtifcats.wsdl,
deploy.xml), if the information above will not be sufficient.

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