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From "Schneiders, Bernd" <bernd.schneid...@logica.com>
Subject Re: ODE and HTTP GET operation
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 16:03:55 GMT
>> Since BPEL uses WSDL 1.1 so we had to make a few extensions to the
>> binding support common REST idioms.    This being said, we fully
>> WSDL 1.1 HTTP binding if you want to remain standards-compliant and 
>> your use-cases fall under what's covered by the spec.
> In English this time:   Since BPEL uses WSDL 1.1 we had to make a few
> extensions to the HTTP binding to support common REST idioms.
> alex

Thank you alex :-)

Now I'm trying to write a simple test process, but I can't solve a
problem. After starting the process, the process should simple invoke a
Servlet. I added for that an <invoke> activity. 
If I deploy the process I get an error: "No service name for myRole
plink testLink"

First I created a partnerLink "testLink"
        <bpws:partnerLink 	myRole="HelloWorldProvider" 

        <bpws:partnerLink 	myRole="testPartnerLinkTypeRole"

I've defined the partneLink in the "deploy.xml" file.
I can't figure out what this error message mean. I assume that the error
occurs from a wrong deploy.xml, but I don't know where.


  <process name="pns:HelloWorld">
    <invoke partnerLink="testLink">
      <service name="xtf:ServletService" port="ServletPort"/>


	<service name="ServletService">
		<port binding="ServletBinding" name="ServletPort">
location="http://localhost:8080/Servlet" />


	<plnk:partnerLinkType name="testPartnerLink">
		<plnk:role 	name="testPartnerLinkTypeRole"

Do you have any idea what is wrong?


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