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From apacheode.mcwhorte...@disposableaddress.com
Subject Invoking Internal JBI Endpoints from a BPEL Process
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2008 22:05:45 GMT

I am working on a project in which we are currently evaluating and
trying to make some prototypes using different BPEL engines in
conjunction with JBI, and ODE and ServiceMix have risen to the top as
our best options.
So we are trying to create a sample BPEL process running inside of
ServiceMix which does the following:
1) Exposes an external "composite" web service for clients to call.
2) Calls in turn one or more "core" web services or other JBI

I am close to having an example of this sort working following the
documentation on apache.org and the examples in $ODE_HOME/examples/.
Here is my problem:
On the page http://ode.apache.org/user-guide.html under the Getting
Started -> In JBI section, there is a section called "JBI Endpoints".
This section references a "deployment descriptor" based on the namespace
"http://pxe.fivesight.com/schemas/2006/02/14/bpeldd".  This appears to
be the deployment descriptor which will allow one to expose internal JBI
components to the BPEL engine to be invoked from it.  However, on the
rest of this page, there are many more references to a "deployment
descriptor, "deploy.xml", based on the
"http://www.apache.org/ode/schemas/dd/2007/03" namespace which contains
information about the BPEL Partner Links but doesnt seem to have any
references to the "endpoint-refs" of the first schema.

So my questions are:
1) Can someone clear up the confusion with the deployment descriptors?
Are 2 deployment descriptors necessary.  If so, can someone point me to
an example using the
"´╗┐http://pxe.fivesight.com/schemas/2006/02/14/bpeldd" based deployment
2) What is the proper way to call a JBI endpoint from a BPEL process?  I
have seen plenty of examples of calling a BPEL process from a SOAP/HTTP
endpoint, but not the other way around.  Any examples available?

Thanks for any help!



David McWhorter, Software Engineer, SAIC

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