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From <Juergen.Schumac...@empolis.com>
Subject Extension Activities?
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 09:43:22 GMT

we are interested in using <bpel:extensionActivity> in our project.
I've seen that this works in the ODE trunk version, but not in 
the 1.1 branch. I have also read in your lists that the 1.2 release
is not yet imminent, but maybe there could be a 1.1.2 release earlier.

So I have some questions (Sorry if these questions are a bit naive. 
I do not want to bother you):
- Are there any new details about the timeframe for a 1.2 release?
I've seen a mail in april talking about "a couple more months". Can
you get a bit more precise by now? ;-)
- Would it be possible to port this to the 1.1 branch? Or does it 
depend on too many changes in 1.2? Maybe we could create a "private"
version of release 1.1.1 plus this feature. Do you have an idea about
the effort of this backport?
- If it's not too complicated: Would it be possible to have this in
a 1.1.2 release? Or is this out of scope for a minor release anyway?

Ah, and on a different topic: Is there any chance that 
("Assign: copy with insert attribute") will be implemented? 
I see it is targeted for 1.3, not even for 1.2. Is it because there
is nobody to do it or is it more complicated?

Thank you!

Jürgen Schumacher

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