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From "Nowakowski, Mateusz" <Mateusz.Nowakow...@sabre-holdings.com>
Subject RE: Logging from BPEL script
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 08:51:24 GMT
>> Thank you
>> I've also think about this workaround... but we didn't decide to do
>> way, because it is too complicated and resource consuming... logging
>> be as fast as possible...
>> I think that log activity should be present in the standard, but the
>> behavior should depend on the implementation.
>Have you considered using the events that Ode generates?

Yes, we are using ODE event listeners, but these are not perfect. We'd
like for example to log current state of all variables. The EventContext
is deprecated, but potentially gives possibility to do that. It is
deprecated, because it is not working for only in memory processes
(there was a discussion some time ago about it)

>> BPEL/ODE is annoying me slowly... It is very difficult to do very
>> things and we need to discover very ugly workarounds to make things
>I would be interested in hearing more about these.  What are your top

- BPEL is not completely programming language. It doesn't contain
something like procedure or function instruction. It is also impossible
to share code between processes. Only copy-paste methodology works.
- ServiceMix integration. A last problem with deploying ODE within SM is
minor in my opinion. ODE slightly doesn't fit to SM. When message
arrives to ODE from SM, it looses all normalized messages properties
(there was a short discussion about it) - so if we have something in
properties we need to make hardcore workaround and copies properties
into xml payload. It breaks service schema, but it doesn't matter for
ODE. ODE has very unique schema validation (next point).
- Schema validation. It is written in the documentation that schema
validation is not implemented. It is not completely true. When you
assign some data to variable, ODE checks the first tag of data. A very
strange thing appears when you assign completely different data to
inappropriate variable type. ODE silently "merges" input data with
destination variable type that the result has the first tag the same as
destination type, but payload is from input data...
- Last my JIRA entry ODE-263. onAlarm is not working. It generates alarm
only after completed activity, not after specified amount of time. In
other words it doesn't work. We want use this functionality as a timeout
guard, but because of that we need to implement this functionality
outside ODE.
- Some useful extensions like external variables or adding own
activities are not in stable ODE version. We cannot rely on trunk.
Faster releases would be appropriate.

Apart from that we are almost on production with our new product. But
when we started we thought everything would be much easier.


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