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From Ciaran <ciar...@gmail.com>
Subject Axis Namespace prefix generation
Date Sun, 18 May 2008 10:52:05 GMT
I'm currently evaluating the possibility of moving to ODE from ActiveBPEL,
currently it seems that for a single thread, ActiveBPEL performs better
end-to-end for a like-for-like BPEL flow, (ActiveBpel ~300ms, Ode ~700ms)
but seems to scale considerably better for multiple threads,  has anyone
else seen this behaviour, or has anecdotal information on the comparative
performance ?

Also, one thing that concerns me, is looking at my load-tests it seems that
ODE is generating unique namespace prefixes for *every* element in each
response document in the workflow (and presumably the documents
created+consumed during the running of the BPEL processes).  In my
particular case the set of namespaces used by the BPEL workflow is static
and known at deployment time, so I'm perplexed why every single element gets
its own unique-prefix un-necccessarily, could anyone please explain this to
me, an example response is as follows:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">

      <axis2ns4756:ExecuteWorkflowResponse xmlns:axis2ns4756="
http://mynsworkflow" xmlns="http://mynsworkflow" xmlns:saw="
         <ExecuteWorkflowResult version="48" xmlns:ns2="http://mynswsdl">
            <axis2ns4757:type xmlns:axis2ns4757="http://mynsmsg" xmlns="
            <axis2ns4758:status xmlns:axis2ns4758="http://mynsmsg" xmlns="
            <axis2ns4759:channel xmlns:axis2ns4759="http://mynsmsg" xmlns="
            <axis2ns4760:outcome xmlns:axis2ns4760="http://mynsmsg" xmlns="
            <axis2ns4761:state xmlns:axis2ns4761="http://mynsmsg" xmlns="
            <axis2ns4762:creationTime xmlns:axis2ns4762="http://mynsmsg"
            <axis2ns4763:changeTime xmlns:axis2ns4763="http://mynsmsg"
            <axis2ns4764:createdBy xmlns:axis2ns4764="http://mynsmsg"


Now, I think I probably understand why there *is* a prefix on each element
even though the default namespace is being specified, as I think (I can
check) that my element form default is 'qualified', but I don't at all
understand why the prefixes are all being generated with different names
(ok, so I understand how, '.uniquePrefix' obviously, but why? )

Can anyone help me ?   Also I'm interesting in writing an AJAX explorer for
the ODE process instances, has anyone else been down this route already ?
Many thanks :)
- Ciaran

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