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From Paul Brown <paulrbr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ODE + invoke WSRF services?
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:09:15 GMT

On Mar 10, 2008, at 10:35 AM, Alex Boisvert wrote:
> On 3/10/08, Fakhri Alam Khan <khan@par.univie.ac.at> wrote:
>> Can you please answer my query about ODE engine,
>> "Does ODE support to invoke WSRF services ?"
>> I'm looking for it but didn't find anything about it .
> As far as I know, the answer is no.  It's never been discussed on the
> mailing lists and there's no explicit support in the code.

I can affirm Alex's answer of "no", although it's not impossible.

The most difficult part of integrating WSRF resources into a BPEL  
process is dealing with the security and delegation requirements that  
WSRF resources have (in the general case), and that's work that needs  
to be done in the protocol layer (i.e., in AXIS2 or in ServiceMix) as  
opposed to in ODE.  AFAIK, the only release-worthy work that was done  
in this area was done to get an AXIS1 layer (that's part of some other  
BPEL engine whose name I've forgotten) working with WS-GRAM for the  
CaBIG project.

One "feature" would be the ability to bpel:invoke WSRF resources  
through WS-GRAM, and I spent some time looking at how to go about that  
once upon a time.  Other than doing direct implementation of the WS- 
GRAM protocols in the integration layer, one approach would be to  
implement portions of the WS-GRAM protocol as a BPEL process and then  
use that process as a proxy to the WS-GRAM endpoints.  (The BPEL  
process would handle the notifications, security negotiation, etc.)

It would be a great thing since orchestration (e.g., BPEL) fills an  
important role in building software for the grid and ODE is the only  
liberally-licensed (and also the best, IMHO) runtime out there.

I'm sure that there are folks out there working on and thinking about  
this right now, so they may chime in, too.


Paul Brown

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