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From Tammo van Lessen <tvanles...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Custom invoke Activity
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 21:51:00 GMT

first off: com.fs.pxe.* is deprecated. PXE has been donated to Apache 
and has become (after some major refactorings) Apache Ode.

With the next upcoming release (1.2) Ode will support extension 
activities and extensible assigns and provides an Extension API that 
allows you to implement new activity types in a quite convenient manner. 
Unfortunately we currently don't have written documentation but we have 
some code examples in our repository. Please have a look at [1] for the 
API, [2] for an example and the attachment for a little overview.

In general there are two possibilities to customize BPEL activities. You 
could either look at the already implemented activities or adapt them to 
fitting your need or you can use the extension API. Both have assets and 
drawbacks. While the extension API aims to give developers an easy to 
use framework, some corner cases like new types of structured activities 
are not possible (because you need direct access to Ode's internal 
process calculus engine). On the other side, hacking existing BPEL 
activities may result in a fork that is quite hard to maintain...

So, if you 'just' want to add a new RESTful invoke activity, I'd propose 
to go with the new extension API. Don't hesitate to ask if you have 
further questions. To active such an extension bundle, just put

$prefix.extension.bundles = $myfullqualifiedbundleclassname

into $prefix.properties (where prefix can be either 'ode-axis2' or 

Regarding RESTful invokes: Please also have a look at our wiki pages 
about RESTful BPEL [3],[4]

Best regards,

[2] http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/ode/trunk/extensions/e4x/
[3] http://ode.apache.org/restful-bpel-part-i.html
[4] http://ode.apache.org/restful-bpel-part-ii.html

Varanasi, Sasikala wrote:
> I have been researching to find how to write Custom Activities and
> configure ODE to use them. Can I write a custom activity (or extend
> INVOKE activity) to pass the URI and XML input to call RESTful services?
> Is there a way to extend the standard INVOKE to invoke RESTFul services.
> I have come across the following information on web: 
> For custom activity, you would need to implement the following classes:
> com.fs.pxe.bom.api.InvokeActivity (BOM) 
> com.fs.pxe.sax.fsa.bpel_1_1.Bpel11InvokeState (Parser) 
> com.fs.pxe.bpel.compiler.InvokeGenerator (Compiler) 
> com.fs.pxe.bpel.o.OInvoke (Compiled Representation) 
> com.fs.pxe.bpel.runtime.INVOKE (Runtime)
> I have not found any additional information on writing/configuring this
> in ODE. 
> Thanks in advance for your response!
> Regards,
> Sashi Varanasi
> Enterprise Architect - Product Architecture
> (682-605-3876

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