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From SŽebastien Mosser <mos...@polytech.unice.fr>
Subject Re: FaultHandler troubles
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2008 17:04:16 GMT
Alex Boisvert a écrit :
> Hi Sebastien,
> You're not getting the result you expect because of a bug -- the
> NullPointerException you reported.  What happens is the process is suspended
> as a result of the NPE because this is not an expected error condition
> [1].   Incidentally, you get a timeout from the client because no response
> is sent back.   We need to prevent the NPE from happening.

Okay. Following [1], I add a

<ext:failureHandling xmlns:ext="http://ode.apache.org/activityRecovery">

At process level. Nothing change :'(. I've set 'in-memory' to true, due 
to a very slow access to my database (and a silly bug with Derby on my 

And, by the way, can you give me some explanations about following lines :
When in recovery mode, you can recover the activity in one of three ways:
     * Retry -- Retry the activity manually. You can repeat this any 
number of times until the activity completes or faults.
     * Fault -- Causes the activity to throw the activityFailure fault.
     * Cancel -- Cancels the activity. The activity completes 
unsuccessfully: without changing the state of variables, by setting the 
status of all its source links to false, and without installing a 
compensation handler.
       Activity recovery is performed individually for each activity 
instance, and does not affect other activities executing in the same 
process. While the activity is in the FAILURE state, the process 
instance remains in the ACTIVE state and may execute other activities 
from parallel flows and event handlers.

> Second, the test cases are not meant to be deployed on a standard Ode
> installation.  They run in a slightly different environment for testing BPEL
> which alleviates some of the normal configuration required for "real"
> processes.

As I was able to run the Xsl test, I tried ;-).



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