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From Lavanya Ramakrishnan <laram...@cs.indiana.edu>
Subject Re: Problem with multiple concurrent clients
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 20:37:03 GMT
> The message exchange timeout is not configurable but it's also 2mn, which is
> fairly conservative. At this point I'm wondering if timing out is not the
> correct behavior. Maybe there's a use case that I'm not seeing but beside
> pushing load testing at its max, I can't see when you'd want to wait for
> more than 2mn for a non-reliable transport over a request/response exchange.
> Don't you think?

In terms of semantics, I am not sure if at this point timing out is the
correct behavior either in this situation. But I can see that as a
possible approach for sure. I think some of it goes to where you want to
put the fault tolerance for excessive delayed response times.

I guess it is true that excessive load might be the only case when we need
longer timeouts. I guess otherwise clients can also use async response as
a way for longer response times or variable response times from individual

My concern was largely that with slightly complex workflows I might start
seeing this even with lesser concurrent clients but I can probably
experiment to find out if this is true. And I can probably tweak the value
in code directly for when I am doing experiments with larger number of
clients for now.


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