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From SĀŽebastien Mosser <mos...@polytech.unice.fr>
Subject Re: Calling remote service without partnerlink
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 12:57:39 GMT

> Using an invoke I always have to provide a partnerlink ( so it seems to
> me as it looks in the specs ) so how can I construct an invoke for this
> service using only the provided information, maybe with an example?

partnerLinks are a part of the BPEL specification, not WSDL. So, it's 
not a bug that your WSDL document doesn't provide any partnerlink.

You MUST declare such informations inside your business process

         <bpws:partnerLink myRole="GetConvertedStockValueProvider"
             name="client" partnerLinkType="tns:GetConvertedStockValue"/>
         <bpws:partnerLink name="Stock" 
partnerLinkType="ns:StockPartner" partnerRole="StockProvider"/>
         <bpws:partnerLink name="Convert"

myRole refers to role your business process will provide, and binded to 
the service/operation you're publishing.

partnerRole refers to partner you're importing, binding partnerLink to 
WSDL informations.



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