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From SĀŽebastien Mosser <mos...@polytech.unice.fr>
Subject Still in trouble with variable assignement
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2007 19:22:02 GMT
Hi everybody.

As far as I am, my sample BPEL process is compliant with bpelc compiler, 
and can be deployed (thanks to Matthieu & Alex) into ODE. Well, job's 
done ? no :'(.

I'm trying to move some information from one variable to another one. 
And the job fails with a 'selection falilure' exception :
mosser@asmodeus:~$ curl 

| xmllint -
<?xml version="1.0"?>

No results for expression: 

I'm assigning following Eclipse BPEL Designer, but produced code seem's 
to be correct, as far as I understand BPEL processes (!).

Having a quick ride inside your FAQ, I saw that variables must be 
initialized with literal value before assignment. So, here we go :

<bpws:assign name="BuildStockInvocationMessage" validate="no">
     <bpws:to part="parameters" variable="StockRequest">

And here I am : same result ! I think it's a PIBCK trouble (Problem Is 
Between Chair and Keyboard), but it makes me dizzy ...

PS : if you're interested in, I'm writing a full Lab Session 
(engineering school in Sophia Antipolis) about WSOA using ODE as 
orchestration engine. I'm afraid it's in french but it could help, isn't 
it ?



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