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From SĀŽebastien Mosser <mos...@polytech.unice.fr>
Subject Re: NullPointerException at process deployment
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 17:19:56 GMT
thanks for your so-quick answer.

Now, let me told you my story ...

> I don't think you need the "myRole" here since you're not providing this
> service.

I mean a 'partnerRole' but Eclipse generator made some nasty things with 
  my model during model->bpel transformation. Bad guy ! Now, It's ok.

Correct BPEL code if (of course when well-generated) :
> <bpws:partnerLinks>
>         <bpws:partnerLink myRole="GetConvertedStockValueProvider"
>             name="client" partnerLinkType="tns:GetConvertedStockValue"/>
>         <bpws:partnerLink name="Stock" partnerLinkType="ns:StockPartner" partnerRole="StockProvider"/>
>         <bpws:partnerLink name="Convert"
>             partnerLinkType="ns:ConverterPartner" partnerRole="ConverterProvider"/>
>     </bpws:partnerLinks>

Then, I have a new problem :
org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException: Cannot find definition for 
{http://implem.stock.services.rainbow.i3s.unice.fr}ConverterService in 
the context of process 

So, I guess it's another Xml namespace trouble. Current 'deploy.xml' 
content is :

> <invoke partnerLink="Convert">
>      	<service name="convert:ConverterService" port="ConverterServiceSOAP11port_http"
>      </invoke>

So , i'll try the following potential solutions :
   - name="ConverterService" => same exception
   - name="tns:ConverterService" => same exception
   - name="artifacts:ConverterService" => same exception

(Artifacts refers to Eclipse autogenerated WSDL file, linked in a 
previous emal. In include the following add in the head of the 
deploy.xml file :

Cheers, and by the way, thank you for your help !

  Sebastien Mosser
  EPU Polytech'Nice - Sophia Antipolis, Bureau 314
  CNRS / I3S / Rainbow - http://rainbow.i3s.unice.fr/~mosser

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