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From "Jackson, Douglas" <djack...@ugs.com>
Subject wsdl/partner link errors
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 17:19:00 GMT

I will look to see if I can figure out why I am getting the following
error, but in case you can give

me a quick answer I will post it here.  I am trying to deploy a BPEL 1.1
process to ODE.


I have 2 wsdl files the first declares the operation for the BPEL
process (in, out, fault, etc.) and all

of the properties and aliases.  A second declares another web service
which I am trying to invoke

from my process.  How do I make ode aware of the second wsdl?  The
message below is declared

in that second wsdl file, and I cannot import it since it is a 1.1

[I thought that the reason for the partner links was so that the BPEL
engine could find the WSDL by determining

which WSDL file declared the partner link type?]


ERROR - GeronimoLog.error(104) |
apps/ode/WEB-INF/processes/xxx/xxx.bpel:52: error: [UndeclaredMessage]
Attempt to reference undeclared WSDL message "yyy-request-msg" in
namespace http://yyy.

Also, I see the following errors:


ERROR - GeronimoLog.error(104) |
apps/ode/WEB-INF/processes/xxx/xxx.bpel:31: error:
[UndeclaredPartnerLinkType] Attempt to reference undeclared partner link
type "{http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2003/03/business-process/}yyy-plt".

ERROR - GeronimoLog.error(104) |
apps/ode/WEB-INF/processes/xxx/xxx.bpel:32: error:
[UndeclaredPartnerLinkType] Attempt to reference undeclared partner link
type "{http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2003/03/business-process/}xxx-plt".




      <partnerLink name="yyy-pl" partnerLinkType="yyy-plt"

      <partnerLink name="xxx-pl" partnerLinkType="xxx-plt"







  <plnk:partnerLinkType name="xxx-plt">

     <plnk:role name="xxx-service">

        <plnk:portType name="xxx:xxxPort"/>






  <plnk:partnerLinkType name="yyy-plt">

     <plnk:role name="yyy-client">

        <plnk:portType name="yyy:YyyInterface"/>






      <provide partnerLink="xxx-pl">

         <service name="procws:XxxService" port="XxxInterface"/>


      <invoke partnerLink="yyy-pl">

         <service name="yyy:YyyService" port="YyyInterface"/>







My experiences so far...


I stumbled on the deploy.xml file first.  I had not specified the
attributes fileName="xxx.bpel" or bpel11wsdlFileName="xxx.wsdl"

And so I got an error about the fact that the wsdl file could not be
found.  If I had not downloaded the source and

set it up in a debugger it would have been impossible to figure this
out.  Perhaps the distribution should be modified

to contain the schema for the deployment descriptor, and that schema
could add some comments or documentation

that for 1.1 processes the fileName="" and bpel11wsdlFileName="" are
required for 1.1 processes.  Perhaps more descriptive

error message could elude to the fact that this is the cause of the
error too.  If it would help I could modify my source, test it, and send

a possible source change to you.



I had an issue with a propertyAlias.  I had commented out most of the
bpel process except for just one invocation and commented out

the variable declaration associated with the propertyAlias.  I got the
following error message:


Caused by: org.apache.ode.bpel.compiler.api.CompilationException: error:
[AliasUndeclaredMessage] Missing message type reference in property
alias for property {http://xxx}message-id using path null.

Note that the property is mentioned, but not the propertyAlias.  I used
the one property in many aliases and had to figure out which

propertyAlias was bad.



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