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From "Rich Taylor" <bhamtay...@gmail.com>
Subject Namespaces during initialization and invocation
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 00:53:12 GMT
I'm trying to understand namespaces when initializing variables (using
literal etc.) and invoking services.  I'm using 1.1 and the Axis2

Question 1:  When using an assign/copy operation to initialize a
variable using a literal, I'm trying to understand when I need to
include a namespace declaration in the literal XML I'm assigning.  Is
it based on whether or not the schema type for each element is locally
or globally defined in its schema and whether or not
elementFormDefault is set to qualified or not?  Or am I barking up the
wrong (seemingly complicated) tree?

For example when to initialize a variable with something like this:
<ns1:execute xmlns:ns1="urn:services:simple">

versus something like the following:


Question 2:   I've noticed that in all SOAP requests coming and going
from ODE (using Axis2) the root of the body has a dynamically
generated namespace prefix, axis2nsN, where N increase each time.
This happens even if I specify the proper namespace during the
initialization of the outgoing message variable

Example message going out across the wire:
<axis2ns1:execute xmlns:axis2ns1="urn:services:simple"

Is the "axis2ns" prefixing something that is configurable?  The number
increases during each execution, will it not get insanely large over
time?  How does this namespace relate to namespaces in Question 1?  It
seems there is overlap.

Thank you!
Rich Taylor

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