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From Gianfranco Boccalon <gbocca...@tiscali.it>
Subject Re: Missing Variable value in VariableModificationEvent
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 13:09:29 GMT
I solved my problem, but I think that this is an ODE bug or 
misunderstanding about events.
The problem was that I receveid a VariableModificationEvent, but asking 
for the variable value through the eventContext, I was getting null.

The problem was that the variable for what I'm receiving the 
VariableModificationEvent, was not in the current scope, but in a parent 
scope: so the only solution I found was storing also the previous 
contexts and when such situation occurs, I search also in the previous 
scopes (the parent scopes).

This workaround works only if the process is executed with "in-memory" 
mode, and I think that this can be a problem in real world processes.

Any suggestion ?

Gianfranco Boccalon

Gianfranco Boccalon ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I have a problem on a listener that I wrote for monitoring my processes.
> My process contains a Invoke activity, so the events that I receives are:
> .....
> ActivityExecStartEvent:
>        Type = activityLifecycle
>        ActivityType = OInvoke
> ProcessMessageExchangeEvent:
>        Operation = getOrder
> VariableModificationEvent:
>        Type = dataHandling
>        VarName = wsOutput
> ActivityExecEndEvent:
>        Type = activityLifecycle
>        ActivityType = OInvoke
> .....
> In correspondance of the VariableModificationEvent, I try to retrieve 
> the variable value through the EventContext, but I receive null.
> I tried also to delay the retrieving of the value in the 
> ActivityExecEndEvent, but I get always null.
> Is there a way to get the value of the response variable used in the 
> invoke activity ?
> Thanks
> Gianfranco Boccalon

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