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From "Thilina Gunarathne" <cset...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Axis2 Integration
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 18:19:49 GMT
Hi Alex,
> > Just for my info: Are you all are using the new Axis2 pluggable deployer
> > model ?
> No, I was not aware of it.  Do you have any pointers about this?
[1] is the interface you need to implement. [2],[3],[4] are some
exmaples of it's usage. Then you need to add an entry to the Axis2.xml
as the following example. You can specify a directory name and a file
type exatension for a deployer. These pluggable deployers
automatically inherit hot deployment & hot update from Axis2.
<!-- Deployer for the JavaScript services -->
<deployer extension=".js" directory="scripts"

> The configuration file for the BPEL process is deploy.xml.  Right now it
> simply binds partnerLinks to WSDL endpoints.
What I'm suggesting is to support the engaging of modules through the
deploy.xml.. In other words merging the required services.xml
functionality to the deploy.xml it self.. But we might need to make
sure they are optional extensions so that it  will not cause a tight
Axis2 coupling to the ODE.

> I believe engaging a module globally should work.
To be honest, I was bit ties up with my other work and I'm still yet
to try this out.

> The above hack was to improve performance while retaining (limited) dynamic
> configuration. Yes, if it's possible, I think we should reuse the
> ConfigurationContext.  I think it's just our (mis)understanding of Axis2's
> architecture that is showing here.  We should spend some time to review this
> and ask you question so we get a clearer picture.
AFAIK it should be possible. Some time back there was a bug which made
this external services to appear in the service listings.. But it
should be fixed by now..

I certainly believes that ODE processes and process instances can have
a much tighter coupling with Axis2 context hierachy, which will be
much beneficial to ODE itself as well to the ODE users who want to
leverage Axis2 extentions with ODE..


> cheers,
> alex


Thilina Gunarathne  - http://thilinag.blogspot.com

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