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From Lavanya Ramakrishnan <laram...@cs.indiana.edu>
Subject Re: Management APIs
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2007 07:15:35 GMT
> Are these Globus workflows?  Via WS-GRAM or other means?  I don't know
> if you've thought about it, but WS-GRAM might make a natural place to
> create a boundary of sorts (along the lines of Alex's suggestion about
> BPEL4People);   Also, because of the security considerations, WS-GRAM
> doesn't fit well as a direct web service invocation from a BPEL
> process without some additional decoration.
> So, maybe something like:
> (BPEL process 1) --normal invoke-> (QOS process 2) --synthetic
> invoke-> WS-GRAM resource
> where process 1 is the scientific workflow and process 2 contains
> QOS-oriented behavior (fail from resource to resource, stage or
> re-stage data, etc.).

Yes the workflows evenually invoke Globus services. But we have a layer in
middle in this project called Application services which does the
additonal application specific processing etc. While that is a normal
place for putting in single invocation fault tolerance and QoS it turns
out we need an additional component closer to the workflow engine that can
look at entire workflow as a whole and also across multiple workflows.
Thanks for the responses. I will probably dig through the source code in a
few days.


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