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From Anup Chandran <anup.chand...@3ds.com>
Subject Re: Binding defines non-element document literal part(s)
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 23:17:14 GMT

Alex thanks for the quick response....

I changed the wsdl to define the part as element.

WSDL modified to:

	<message name="ECRProcessRequestMessage">
		<part name="payload" element="tns:ECRRequestMessage" />

And my soapRequest is :

  <!-- test soap message -->
      <ns1:receiveIssue xmlns:ns1="http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample"> 
      <ns1:username xmlns:ns1="http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample">Test
Everything </ns1:username>
      <ns1:password xmlns:ns1="http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample">1234
      <ns1:type xmlns:ns1="http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample">ECR
      <ns1:name xmlns:ns1="http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample">ECR01001
      <ns1:policy xmlns:ns1="http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample">ECR

The error now is :

Input: name=RequestMessage
Message: name={http://eclipse.org/bpel/sample}ECRProcessRequestMessage
Part: name=payload
elementName={http://eclipse.org/bpel/sample}ECRRequestMessage from service
ERROR - GeronimoLog.error(108) | Exception occured while invoking ODE
org.apache.ode.axis2.OdeFault: Unexpected element in SOAP body: message
sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample}receiveIssue element
}ECRRequestMessage.; nested exception is:
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unexpected element in SOAP body:
sage {http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample}receiveIssue element

So basic question that i had if my request message is of complex type as

<complexType name="ECRRequestMessage">
					<element name="username" type="string"></element>

					<element name="password" type="string"></element>

					<element name="type" type="string"></element>

					<element name="name" type="string"></element>

					<element name="revision" type="string"></element>

					<element name="policy" type="string"></element>


then should my message type definition be an "element" instead of "type"???

Or should i use some other binding.... sorry if the question sounds naive...


Alex Boisvert wrote:
> Hi Anup,
> On 8/8/07, Anup Chandran <anup.chandran@3ds.com> wrote:
>>                         <complexType name="ECRRequestMessage">
>>                         </complexType>
>>                 </schema>
>>         </types>
>>         <message name="ECRProcessRequestMessage">
>>                 <part name="payload" type="tns:ECRRequestMessage" />
>>         </message>
> <snip>
>         java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Binding defines non-element
>> document literal part(s)
> A document-literal binding requires that your part (in this case
> ECRProcessRequestMessage's payload)  be an element, not a type.
> alex

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