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From jbi joe <...@daggerpoint.net>
Subject Re: Could not find a mapper for request message
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 17:03:54 GMT

Hi Alex,
I tied changin around the supported message formats by modifying
the ode.properties file, but still got same error.
I am sending SOAP msg and using all the standard
java SOAP calls to create it.  I have pretty much
mimicked the message.xml file that is provided with
the pingpong example.  I am creating the MessageExchange in
some jave code *A Service Unit on my servicemix bus" and using
the Javax.xml.soap, ie. SOAPMessage and related to
create message.  I have all the exact wrappings that the example
has..  I even used the envelope.createName() method to insert a 
namespace.   No matter what I do to the message, I still get
same error.   DO I need to reference the WSSL inside the
message?   My code is on intranet and have no way
to get it onto internet unless I wanna do a bunch of re-typing...
WHat is the better message format to use if Im running ODE
in servicemix and talking locally ONLY to the endpoints there.
DO I even need a SOAP message?  WOuld prefer some more
simple,  Are there some examples for doing as I described?
BTY, IM using netbeans IDE to create BPEL, WSDL and XSD.
Hopefully that doesnt matter.

Alex Boisvert wrote:
> Hi JBI Joe,
> Ode understand three kinds of message formats coming from the JBI bus:
> 1) Normalized Messages (per the JBI spec)
> 2) "Wrapped" WSDL 1.1 normalized messages  (per JBI spec)
> 3) SOAP messages where the Body has been copied verbatim into the JBI
> message content
> You'll get MessageTranslationExceptions everytime you try to interoperate
> with another component that doesn't follow these rules.  Many so-called
> "lightweight components" offered by ServiceMix use different message
> representations, so you have two choices to make this work:
> 1) Use a mediating JBI component in-between (e.g. XSL)
> 2) Write a custom Mapper (org.apache.ode.jbi.msgmap.Mapper)
> I'd be happy to work with you on creating a working example.  Can you
> provide the use-case?  Maybe something like a few Java
> components/endpoints
> and the sketch of a BPEL  to orchestrate them?   I could take it from
> there...
> cheers,
> alex
> On 7/12/07, jbi joe <joe@daggerpoint.net> wrote:
>> I got a MessageTranslationException; Could not find mapper for request
>> message for JBI MEX
>> -blahblahblahblah is failed.   Looking at the list here I see that others
>> have also
>> had to deal with this exception.    Maybe some additional examples, with
>> some valid
>> messages that span ODE JBI, etc..  are in order.   SO How do I fix it?
>> Other posts have
>> given me some clues that perhaps my wsdl and msg format are incorrect.
>> The ODE examples that are provided work fine.  However,  I have some BPEL
>> reaching out
>> to invoke some NMR endpoints on my servicemix ESB.  I dont see any
>> examples
>> that show this.   Perhaps a sample that has java kicking off a BPEL
>> endpoint, then the BPEL
>> kicking of a bunch of java based endpoints.    I know its all supposed to
>> be
>> abstract, but
>> Im from missouri, show me,,, please..   TIA  ANy help greatly
>> appreciated..
>> TIA
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