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From "Maciej Pietrzak" <mpietr...@gmail.com>
Subject Async Process with Callbacks and WSA
Date Sun, 06 May 2007 18:38:44 GMT

I'm having trouble writing a simple asynchronous process with dynamic callbacks.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to write a process, that will report
back status to it's caller. I'd like to initiate process with one way
message with WS-Addressing headers and then, after a while, to receive
response at address specified dynamically in WS-Addressing headers in
first message. I'd like to specify response address in wsa:ReplyTo

How do I accomplish that?

Do I have manually create partner link and EPR in business process?
I'd be more satisfied if I didn't have to even mention WSA or services
or ports or other technical details in process itself. Is there a way
to have process that does only:

 - receive from initiator,
 - perform some (supposedly long running) business logic unrelated to
communication with initiator,
 - invoke to initiator - but to the address specified in original
message (for example address of specific instance of clustered
application that made the first call)?

I've poked around in Java source and found WSA classes.
I've also created process that sends callback response to partner link
statically linked to endpoint defined in WSDL.
There's some code related to dynamic callback EPR's in
SessionInHandler.java, but it only checks for

Any help would be really appreciated.

Best Regards,

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