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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [mesos] bmahler commented on issue #356: libprocess: check protobuf (de)serialisation success.
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2020 19:59:41 GMT
bmahler commented on issue #356: libprocess: check protobuf (de)serialisation success.
   Took a look at the protobuf code:
   > Before the code didn't check at all the return value of
   > Message::SerializeToString, which can fail for various reasons,
   > e.g. out-of-memory, message too large, or invalid UTF-8 string.
   As far as I see, `MessageLite::SerializeToString` boils down to [this code](
   bool MessageLite::AppendPartialToString(std::string* output) const {
     size_t old_size = output->size();
     size_t byte_size = ByteSizeLong();
     if (byte_size > INT_MAX) {
       GOOGLE_LOG(ERROR) << GetTypeName()
                  << " exceeded maximum protobuf size of 2GB: " << byte_size;
       return false;
     STLStringResizeUninitialized(output, old_size + byte_size);
     uint8* start =
         reinterpret_cast<uint8*>(io::mutable_string_data(output) + old_size);
     SerializeToArrayImpl(*this, start, byte_size);
     return true;
   This will only return false for the message being too large? Where do you see out of memory
being handled? It also looks like invalid UTF-8 does not fail serialization, but rather only
logs an error for "proto3" always and logs an error in debug mode for "proto2", see [this
example of a proto3 message](
   On the parsing side, looks like the possible cases for a false return are: `!IsInitialized()`
didn't consume entire message [[3]](,
invalid message data (e.g. invalid varint, length of a string / submessage goes out of bounds).
For invalid UTF-8, it looks [pretty complicated](
   * If the message is "proto3", it seems to always validate UTF-8 by directly calling `WireFormatLite::VerifyUtf8String`
and will then strictly fail parsing if not UTF-8.
   * For "proto2" code, it seems to call [`WireFormat::VerifyUTF8StringNamedField`](
and **only log** if it's invalid UTF-8, not fail. Also the code seems to be within a `#ifdef
GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_UTF8_VALIDATION_ENABLED` which in turns is [only enabled if in a debug build
i.e. `!NDEBUG`](
I'm a little puzzled at how you saw the logging, is your libprotobuf using debug mode? If
you're using protoc from mesos I wonder if the way it's built in mesos is hitting the same
issue as
   Here's a summary of my findings:
   **Serialization of invalid UTF-8**:
   * "proto3": serialization will succeed but invalid UTF-8 will be logged.
   * "proto2": serialization will succeed. Invalid UTF-8 will only be logged in debug mode
(NDEBUG not defined).
   **De-serialization of invalid UTF-8**:
   * "proto3": de-serialization will fail and it will be logged.
   * "proto2": de-serialization will succeed. Invalid UTF-8 will only be logged in debug mode
(NDEBUG not defined).

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