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From Chun-Hung Hsiao <>
Subject Re: Review Request 70302: Adjusted CSI v0 proto compilation.
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2019 15:27:33 GMT

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(Updated March 27, 2019, 3:27 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Benjamin Bannier and Joseph Wu.



Bugs: MESOS-9624

Repository: mesos


This patch makes the following adjustments so we can build CSI v0 and v1
in the future:

* Standardize placements for third-party proto files: `csi.proto` from
  CSI v0 will be in `build/include/csi/v0/` and that from v0 will be in
  `build/include/csi/v1` in the future. Dependent proto files should
  import `csi/v0/csi.proto` or `csi/v1/csi.proto`.

* Moved `include/csi/spec.hpp` to `include/mesos/csi/v0.hpp`. In the
  future, CSI v1 proto headers will be in `include/mesos/csi/v1.hpp`.
  Since we don't insteall CSI headers, for the installed `v0.hpp` and
  `v1.hpp` headers to work, users must ensure that the CSI headers can
  be found through `csi/v0/csi*.pb.h` and `csi/v1/csi*.pb.h`.

Diffs (updated)

  3rdparty/CMakeLists.txt 1999dd20964da96bc5acfbd47cb80d4ca6f734b9 
  3rdparty/ 98a2623b34132885279bea6135c0da4ffc8c59cf 
  3rdparty/cmake/Versions.cmake 972c706a18bfce45af6c2632b326606052888b02 
  3rdparty/ 24381073f4c77d92c5ba62f54bb2194bf041ee6c 
  include/csi/spec.hpp 19d9445fe1da7be6e41b484b5a78dcd10e5ece52 
  src/CMakeLists.txt 3397c3b1d4e8a7900b2e5f870679cc7aa30b4be2 
  src/ bcafe48b2105575371464a29783bc6f3f1c2cf8d 
  src/cmake/MesosProtobuf.cmake 09074d77a1df5076c6e51292523ce994a77a88f2 
  src/csi/client.hpp c2583cf4c0d2abc38d65ddc801cae3696a8080a9 
  src/csi/rpc.hpp b2502ceb319638038b4d151965f6226db675f96b 
  src/csi/utils.hpp 9145c6795c3ecdde5de5859a852763fe9aeb1ddf 
  src/examples/test_csi_plugin.cpp 73a6c43e72afec0dd124b0fe2f8ef0e45acb307f 
  src/resource_provider/storage/disk_profile.proto 1c97e9c62fb3154d6048d0e55352a1276adcbca8

  src/resource_provider/storage/disk_profile_utils.hpp 8a83a15ba555ce66bbb86b8df72178bce17a615a

  src/tests/csi_utils_tests.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  src/tests/disk_profile_adaptor_tests.cpp 0ccbc79d7ffb82a68b7ed5aeab930bcd8e6e770e 
  src/tests/mock_csi_plugin.hpp 6897fbc878f1e2f5b9e9c402b09358c187af79a0 




make check


Chun-Hung Hsiao

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