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From Armand Grillet <>
Subject Re: Review Request 67488: Updated CLI to Python 3.
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2018 13:56:10 GMT

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(Updated July 6, 2018, 1:56 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Andrew Schwartzmeyer, Benjamin Bannier, Eric Chung, and Kevin Klues.


Rebased and improved CMake Python detection.

Bugs: MESOS-8955

Repository: mesos


The build tools are also up to date thus the CLI can still be built
using Autotools and CMake. No features have been added to the CLI.

The PyInstaller dependency has been updated due to issues with
PyInstaller 3.1.1 and Python 3.6.

Diffs (updated)

  cmake/CompilationConfigure.cmake 61387d77b12a17571a31430db3ca1fe0bbb66a21 66cc28a5a34949bcadc038551249f3781ea9d45b 
  src/ 3ac1e1ce650d7238c108d0ac4123228500053a6f 
  src/python/cli_new/CMakeLists.txt ef8da70757e2721f4ac1bee46d0b5d95e81298ca 
  src/python/cli_new/ 3d646e91a8c7c72d4ee1b1180454e5f587295053 
  src/python/cli_new/bin/ 53130383d8ca2ed40c97224b3a6e98aa6b6b107c 
  src/python/cli_new/bootstrap fb6fbc449a970ccf960914ed910204f3984ea61f 
  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/ 6f92622725d8a042a2a728fd38c977ac690ef6be 
  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/ 86a4e9c74326fb80cc59487113f07358dd96960d 
  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/ 03d6031cb3273575f41d4d06d9a409f74488a16b 
  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/plugins/agent/ 59280ece8ebd00bb96df3675b6356a26cc48a2c0

  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/plugins/ e01a7b2bc4d4cbabe706c8926913f43d2b4cf69c 
  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/plugins/task/ cc6cff56c71262729a8870017bef2e97636abe5a

  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/tests/ 4ffa27ca95ddf6575fb0a844d6996890bed4d8c9 
  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/tests/ 79e1036f6d11c63884091fe43672607b03955c1a 
  src/python/cli_new/lib/cli/ 307b22293a9c7199ad7088dfd0db6dff83a08ac8 
  src/python/cli_new/pip-requirements.txt aeb023325e838aa42f8d7418bb7f8293c3fa5614 
  src/python/cli_new/tests/ acf2e0868555da0eb1c1cee7fb30b1e80783f1e1 
  src/python/cli_new/tox.ini 58ca3807e3d6096296b4cd09a5cec32b32444d91 




Testing done on Fedora 25 with `python` being Python 2.7, `python3` being Python 3.5 and `python36`
being Python 3.6.

For Autotools:

$ ./bootstrap
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ PYTHON_3=python36 ../configure --enable-new-cli --disable-java
$ make check

For CMake:

$ ./bootstrap
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake .. -DENABLE_NEW_CLI=1 -DPYTHON=python36
$ cmake --build . -- -j16
$ ./src/mesos
Mesos CLI

  mesos (-h | --help)
  mesos --version
  mesos <command> [<args>...]

  -h --help  Show this screen.
  --version  Show version info.

  agent   Interacts with the Mesos agents
  config  Interacts with the Mesos CLI configuration file
  task    Interacts with the tasks running in a Mesos cluster

See 'mesos help <command>' for more information on a specific command.
$ cmake --build . --target tests -- -j16
$ ctest -R CLI
Test project /home/agrillet/apache-mesos/build
    Start 4: CLITests
1/1 Test #4: CLITests .........................   Passed    3.63 sec

100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 1

Checked that the the CLI tests were run, that the content of the directory build/src/cli was
as expected, and that build/src/mesos was correctly running.


Armand Grillet

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