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From Zhitao Li <>
Subject Re: Review Request 67264: Unmounted any dangling persistent volume in gc paths.
Date Thu, 24 May 2018 19:48:09 GMT

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(Updated May 24, 2018, 12:48 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Jason Lai and Jie Yu.


Fix test compilation due to changed constructor interface.

Bugs: MESOS-8830

Repository: mesos


In various corner cases, agent may not get chance to properly unmount
persistent volumes mounted inside an executor's sandbox. When GC later
gets to these sandbox directories, permanent data loss can happen (see

This patch added some protection to unmount possible persistent
volumes inside a path to gc, and skipped the path if unmount failed.

NOTE: this means agent will not garbage collect any path if it cannot
read its own `mountinfo` table.

Diffs (updated)

  src/local/local.cpp afff54653e8e659d947ddbee6dc38ba2715f2a78 
  src/slave/gc.hpp df40165bb8a23f065156bf6c5f354b143d88c088 
  src/slave/gc.cpp 390b35e6d17d6614a73c9548decbf10739560106 
  src/slave/gc_process.hpp 20374ad91820341282fdf18ecade60a020e26cea 
  src/slave/main.cpp 646125344d590b28256d8ee684d7e51a90e82f23 
  src/slave/paths.hpp 015896453410a33923eed07b3e676be19af62a48 
  src/slave/paths.cpp ed0b1276908f4990ce7a24c96aea20e8c79d3126 
  src/tests/cluster.cpp b56212f6529a4d307e65797ad9bb34f2104fc832 
  src/tests/gc_tests.cpp 619ed22edd9b3909ea24cdcbf62c354420a8d031 
  src/tests/mesos.hpp 733344a2f07ebd9d841a55fb9bbfda2e3c1a1eb2 
  src/tests/mesos.cpp d3c87c295429481c59d5a49398e289a4b84e4496 
  src/tests/slave_tests.cpp 65d860594572b58a50a89358e31e97fd2a10bf08 




Tested with following procedures:
1. Start a test master and agent;
2. Created a persistent volume on agent through operator API;
3. Use `mesos-execute` to run a task;
4. Stop the agent;
5. Manually bind mount persistent volume path into a `volume` directory inside the executor
sandbox (to simulate a dangling mount in MESOS-8830);
6. Restart agent with `--gc_disk_headroom=1.0 --gc_delay=1secs` to force it gc the path immediately.

With this fix, we observed that the dangling mount is automatically cleaned up, and agent
produces log line:
W0523 06:00:04.001075 82745 gc.cpp:229] Unmounting dangling mount point '/home/zhitao/mesos-workdir/slaves/b3eb3aff-d19d-45ff-8113-f0316462d3fa-S0/frameworks/b3eb3aff-d19d-45ff-8113-f0316462d3fa-0000/executors/test_id/runs/1cd3bd06-2632-4541-a708-80c7cd51c74b/volume'
of persistent volume '/home/zhitao/mesos-workdir/volumes/roles/role/id1' inside garbage collected
path '/home/zhitao/mesos-workdir/slaves/b3eb3aff-d19d-45ff-8113-f0316462d3fa-S0'


Zhitao Li

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