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From Till Toenshoff <>
Subject Review Request 67228: Added allocator benchmark test for various simulations.
Date Sat, 19 May 2018 00:05:59 GMT

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Review request for mesos, Benjamin Mahler, Greg Mann, Kapil Arya, and Vinod Kone.

Repository: mesos


This benchmark measures the performannce of the DRF allocator.

* Accept rate (`min_accept_rate`, `max_accept_rate`, and
  `accept_rate_divisor`): Each framework is initialized with a given
  offer accept-rate. This rate determines the number of offers
  accepted out of the total received.
  The first framework is launched with `max_accept_rate`. Each
  subsequent framework is launched with an accept rate of
  (previous framework's accept-rate / `accept_rate_divisor`). This
  rate will never be below `min_accept_rate`.
  For example, with a `max_accept_rate` of 1 and `accept_rate_divisor`
  of 2, the framework accept rates will be 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125, and
  so on.

* Terminating condition(s): the benchmark stops if any of the
  following condition is met:
    * Number of offers generated reaches `max_offers`.
    * Number of total tasks launched reaches `max_tasks`.
    * Any single framework launches `max_framework_tasks` tasks.

* Offer decline timeout (`decline_timeout` and
  `partial_decline_timeout`): When declining an entire offer, the
  offer-filter timeout is set to `decline_timeout` for a given slave.
  If an offer is partially accepted, the offer-filter timeout is set
  to `partial_decline_timeout`. If the two timeouts are the same,
  framework starvation is observed for framework with the highest
  accept rate. To avoid such starvation, one can try setting
  `decline_timeout` to be significantly higher (e.g., 10x) than


  src/ c08ac6e2f5deec4d05f59f71ff6c51382f216708 
  src/tests/master_drf_benchmarks.cpp PRE-CREATION 



WIP - still validating results - WIP


Till Toenshoff

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