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From Neil Conway <>
Subject Re: Review Request 57254: Updated DRFSorter to support hierarchical roles.
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2017 01:12:52 GMT

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(Updated March 17, 2017, 1:12 a.m.)

Review request for mesos, Benjamin Bannier, Benjamin Mahler, and Michael Park.


Rebase, tweak comment.

Repository: mesos


This commit replaces the sorter's flat list of clients with a tree of
client names; this tree represents the hierarchical relationship between
sorter clients. Each node in the tree contains an (ordered) list of
pointers to child nodes. The tree might contain nodes that do not
correspond directly to sorter clients. For example, adding clients "a/b"
and "c/d" results in the following tree:

 -> a
   -> b
 -> c
   -> d

The `sort` member function still only returns one result for each
(active) client in the sorter. This is implemented by ensuring that each
sorter client is associated with a leaf node in the tree. Note that it
is possible for a leaf node to be transformed into an internal node by a
subsequent insertion; to handle this case, we "implicitly" create an
extra child node, which maintains the invariant that each client has a
leaf node. For example, if the client "a/b/x" is added to the tree
above, the result is:

 -> a
   -> b
     -> .
     -> x
 -> c
   -> d

The "." leaf node holds the allocation that has been made to the "a/b"
client itself; the "a/b" node holds the sum of all the allocations that
have been made to the subtree rooted at "a/b", which also includes

Diffs (updated)

  src/master/allocator/sorter/drf/metrics.cpp 15aab32db5ca1a7a14080e9bbb7c65283be3ec20 
  src/master/allocator/sorter/drf/sorter.hpp 76329220e1115c1de7810fb69b943c78c078be59 
  src/master/allocator/sorter/drf/sorter.cpp ed54680cecb637931fc344fbcf8fd3b14cc24295 
  src/master/allocator/sorter/sorter.hpp b3029fcf7342406955760da53f1ae736769f308c 
  src/tests/hierarchical_allocator_tests.cpp e343dc37bd7136f0f6dd5dbc22a25cabe715038d 
  src/tests/master_allocator_tests.cpp 9f3750215f2b72f6148d0c47cdde6a3f7dfb1b50 
  src/tests/sorter_tests.cpp ec0636beb936d46a253d19322f2157abe95156b6 





Neil Conway

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