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From zhou xing <>
Subject Re: Review Request 45806: Replace Master/Slave Terminology Phase I - Duplicate/Rename binaries.
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 05:01:18 GMT

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(Updated 四月 14, 2016, 5:01 a.m.)

Review request for mesos, Kevin Klues and Vinod Kone.


just try to re-kick review bot

Bugs: MESOS-3782

Repository: mesos


In this patch, we did the following changes:
1. Duplicate executable file 'mesos-slave' with 'mesos-agent'
2. Rename the scripts in folder 'mesos/bin' & 'mesos/src/deploy'
to use term 'agent' instead of term 'slave'
3. Change the content of ths scripts to use term 'agent' instead
of term 'slave'
4. Duplicate the renamed scripts renamed in #2 during the configure
and make process, the duplicated scripts still use term 'slave'
in their names.

Please note that afull bootstrap is required once this patch has
been applied. Otherwise, configure will break because of the
missing mesos-slave-*.sh scripts. Please follow the steps to
re-build the project:

cd mesos
mkdir build
cd build
../configure --prefix=${HOME}/install/mesos

Diffs (updated)

  CHANGELOG 1e07c8c2de8eff87c171378ef207c91a20d435d9 
  bin/ dbeec8464b26bd808f7a50b8412a2778f1458f22 
  bin/ 896c411b2b05d3c4a14288002520a5391a88d955 
  bin/ ab5b6c8bd8847485c5a47d637c9f4fe88c59ae65 
  bin/ 1e3b748ed4dc32ba6bd8adece20f439bce38abc3 
  bin/ 900c5883d96cf14e121e566bcf1ad4dc9a47abf6 4392909873e588b93e435d260276b0f1b0814c08 
  src/ 139935fb40f8986427c85537a400ff945e54433f 
  src/deploy/ bea5584fbcc68825b1c35b370aed17b0e432edd5 
  src/deploy/ 31567d6a47e19385aed56edfc7e67457c8cdde3e 
  src/deploy/ f7a003d9a8e5bbb4f11353988e55e715da0b2b4f 
  src/deploy/ 50860f40e33fcbb1787be6c035873de4bcc83de5 
  src/deploy/ e5f8c1fb400c56715774889632aa74d9eac33645 
  src/deploy/ 3dd9b51edff2beb3ccc8d5dd44f0cdc265f623f9 
  src/slave/containerizer/mesos/launch.cpp 54079c37143f4b5c22e0c9a8fe4bacb31f60ed1b 
  src/tests/ ae32753e8942f77f94752543c384d218d6e4d48d 
  support/ 5d23b10f0bab9c0e5848c0c1c26855522cf44a70 
  support/ 2c4061d71338f66e432dfa4ac86a9693f3ad38bf 



cd mesos
mkdir build
cd build
../configure --prefix=${HOME}/install/mesos
make check


zhou xing

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