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From "Michael Park" <>
Subject Re: Review Request 39300: Fixed flaky ReservationEndpointsTest.AvailableResources test.
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2015 04:21:32 GMT

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(Updated Oct. 14, 2015, 4:21 a.m.)

Review request for mesos and Ben Mahler.


Moved the `WillRepeatedly(DoDefault())` to the end of the test accompanied with a comment.
Updated 2 other such instances in this file to follow the same pattern.

Bugs: MESOS-3411

Repository: mesos


The following failure was encountered on buildbot:,CONFIGURATION=--verbose,OS=ubuntu:14.04,label_exp=docker%7C%7CHadoop/921/console

I1013 09:54:08.882694 29149 master.cpp:5559] Processing TEARDOWN call for framework 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-0000
(default) at scheduler-62c161d7-60e9-4361-aae1-6431e60035f6@
I1013 09:54:08.882822 29149 master.cpp:5571] Removing framework 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-0000
(default) at scheduler-62c161d7-60e9-4361-aae1-6431e60035f6@
../../src/tests/reservation_endpoints_tests.cpp:184: Failure
Mock function called more times than expected - taking default action specified at:
    Function call: recoverResources(@0x2b1be400cc10 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-0000,
@0x2b1be4018f40 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-S0, @0x2b1bc22fc390 { cpus(*):2, mem(*):1024,
disk(*):1024, ports(*):[31000-32000] }, @0x2b1bc22fc3d0 40-byte object <01-00 00-00 1C-2B
00-00 0B-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 00-00 80-3F
00-00 00-00>)
         Expected: to be called once
           Actual: called twice - over-saturated and active
I1013 09:54:08.884042 29149 hierarchical.hpp:599] Deactivated framework 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-0000
I1013 09:54:08.884371 29149 hierarchical.hpp:1103] Recovered cpus(*):2; mem(*):1024; disk(*):1024;
ports(*):[31000-32000] (total: cpus(*):2; mem(*):1024; disk(*):1024; ports(*):[31000-32000],
allocated: ) on slave 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-S0 from framework 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-0000
I1013 09:54:08.884469 29149 hierarchical.hpp:552] Removed framework 4b0845cd-7ce9-4e7a-b5d1-bcf1c413ca39-0000

In `ReservationEndpointsTest.AvailableResources`, the test ends with the framework holding
an offer.
The issue is that there is only a `WillOnce` on `recoverResources`, but it should ignore subsequent
calls with `WillRepeatedly`
since resources are expected to recover on framework teardown.

It seems that there is a race in the test teardown logic, but this fix is applicable regardless.

Diffs (updated)

  src/tests/reservation_endpoints_tests.cpp d41185241ae8f1f4ad4f9e88b7dea6fdac991ae7 




Michael Park

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