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From Jingyi Mei <>
Subject [Notice] MADlib migration of repositories to
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2019 23:01:43 GMT
Hi users and developers,

Recently, all git repositories on Apache was required to be migrated from
the URL to, as the old service
is being decommissioned. Moving to gitbox means committers will get full
write access on GitHub as well, and be able to close/merge pull requests
and much more.

To address this, we got consensus from committers (see this thread
and created this JIRA ticket in Apache Infrastructure.
This ticket is closed now.

*What happened?*
The following repositories on git-wip-us has just been moved to gitbox:

   - madlib.git
   - madlib-site.git

*What do I need to do?*

If you previously had access to Apache server,
and set your github MADlib repository upstream url as,

now you need to reset this url to

The same goes for madlib-site.git, and you need to reset madlib-set
upstream to

If you just cloned MADlib repository on github and set origin as, without other upstream url setting,
you don’t have to do anything.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Jingyi Mei (Apache MADlib Committer)

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