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From Rahul Iyer <>
Subject [VOTE] MADlib v1.15-rc1
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2018 21:37:06 GMT
Hello Apache MADlib dev community,

This is the call for vote for Apache MADlib 1.15 Release (RC1). Relevant
source release tarball and convenience binaries are provided below.

The vote will run for at least 72 working hours and will close on
Friday, Aug 10th, 2018 @ 5pm PDT. A minimum of 3 binding +1 votes and
more binding +1 than binding -1 are required to pass.

Highlights of this release are:

* MLP: Added momentum and Nesterov's accelerated gradient methods to
updates (MADLIB-1210).
* New modules:
    - drop_cols: Create new table from an existing table (CTAS) using an
        expression of column names (MADLIB-1241).
    - cols2vec: Create an array from multiple columns (similar to ARRAY[...]
        with columns obtained using an expression) (MADLIB-1239).
    - vec2cols: Create multiple columns from an existing array
* DT/RF:
    - Added impurity importance values in DT and RF (MADLIB-1205, 1246,
    - Added a new function (get_var_importance) to report importance values
        in an cleaner interface (MADLIB-925).
* Fixed an ABI issue that prevented compiling MADlib on GCC 5+
* Removed HAWQ support from all modules

For additional information and release notes, please see:

Here are the release artifact details:

Source release tag to be voted on: rc/1.15-rc1, located here:;a=tag;h=refs/tags/rc/1.15-rc1

Documentation for the release candidate can be found here:

Source release tarball:
PGP Signature:
SHA512 Hash:

Convenience binary packages:

macOS: 10.* PostgreSQL 9.6 & 10.2
PGP Signature:
SHA512 Hash:

CentOS* GPDB 4.3.5+
PGP Signature:
SHA512 Hash:

CentOS 6 &* GPDB 5+, PostgreSQL 9.6 & 10
PGP Signature:
SHA512 Hash:

The PGP KEYS file used to validate the signature of the release artifacts
is available here:

To help in tallying the vote, PMC members please be sure to indicate
“(binding)” with the vote.

[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)

Rahul Iyer

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