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From "FENG, Xixuan (Aaron)" <>
Subject Apache MADlib 1.15 Release
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2018 02:36:36 GMT
On Aug 10, 2018, Apache MADlib completed its fourth release as an Apache
Software Foundation Top Level Project.

New features include:
* Utilities - Columns to vector, vector to columns, drop columns.

* Multilayer perceptron - Added momentum and Nesterov's accelerated
gradient methods to gradient updates.
* Statistics - Added grouping support to correlation and covariance.
* Decision tree/random forest - Added impurity variable importance.
* Decision tree/random forest - Added new helper function to report
variable importance values in a more readable way.
* Install - Refactored and updated the madpack installation and upgrade

You are invited to download the 1.15 release
and review the release notes

Thanks to all of those in the diverse Apache MADlib community who
contributed to this release!

VP of Apache MADlib

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