## Description:

- Apache MADlib is a scalable, big data, SQL-driven machine learning framework for data scientists.

## Issues:

- There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.

## Activity:

- Community is currently finalizing the 1.14 release which will be third release as an Apache TLP project.  We expect voting on release artifacts to commence during the week of 2018-April-16.
- A MADlib community call on the topic of the 1.14 release will be scheduled towards the end of April.
- There was a MADlib community call on the topic of the 1.13 release on 2018-January-17.
- Community is working on defining the scope of the 1.15 release in JIRA and mailing lists.
- Community has been building and posting data science notebooks as a quick start guide to using MADlib.  There are currently more than 25 notebooks available at 

## Health report:

The community is relatively small but very engaged with robust mailing list traffic, interest in doing frequent releases and new functionality being developed by contributors. 
The number of developers actively contributing to the code/documentation is approximately 9 in the first quarter of the calendar year, which is about the same as the last report.
We will constantly be on a lookout for new community members to be invited either as committers or PMC.

## PMC changes:

- No changes in PMC, currently 13 PMC members.

## Committer base changes:

- Currently 13 committers.
- No new committers added in the last 3 months
- Last committer addition was Nandish Jayaram on 2016-09-08

## Releases:

- Next release: v1.14.0 planned for April 2018
- v1.13.0 released on 2017-12-22
- v1.12.0 released on 2017-08-29
- v1.11.0-incubating released on 2017-05-17

## Mailing list activity:

Mailing activity has remained relatively stable with 223 posts to dev@ and 7 posts to user@ during the month of 2018-March.

## JIRA Statistics:

- 13 JIRA tickets created in the last month
- 57 JIRA tickets resolved in the last month