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From Frank McQuillan <>
Subject New 1.12 Jupiter notebooks available
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2017 18:39:32 GMT

Now that 1.12 has shipped, I want to remind you of Jupiter notebooks with
the new 1.12 features posted to:

The goal of these data science notebooks is to help you get started on the
new features by showing examples of usage that you can copy.  Many of them
reflect the examples in the user docs at:

The new 1.12 notebooks that have been added are:

neural nets (general MLP usage)

neural nets (demo uses the popular MNIST dataset, which consists of 70,000
hand written digits and is used for classification)

graph/all pairs shortest path

graph measures (closeness, diameter, average path length, in-out degree)

graph/breadth-first search

graph/weakly connected components

stratified sampling

train-test split

If you have your own examples that you would like to add the repo, you are
most welcome to do so.


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