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From Dmitry Dorofeev <>
Subject Sentiment Analysis
Date Sat, 13 May 2017 20:13:35 GMT
Hi all,

We are a BI developers preparing demo for PGDay'17 Russia. Our demo is based on Enron emails
dataset and financial data like NYSE stock etc.
Some data is loaded in Postgres and some data is in GreenPlum, so we can use (and already
using) GPText and MADlib.

The most exciting thing is sentiment analysis on Enron emails. We want to start with email
subjects only, which is similar to twits and we found several OSS projects which can do that.

Can anybody advise on the best way to do sentiment analysis with GPtext & MADlib ? Preferably
running inside DB using MADlib?
Are there any articles, github projects covering GPtext/MADlib sentiment analysis you would
recommend ?
What about emails body sentiment analysis, is that easily doable or we need to write complex
software to do it ?


-Dmitry Dorofeev

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